15 years of experience with more than 1000 members annually

For all levels and all ages, from kindergarten to adults

At the French School Vincent van Gogh The Hague in a caring and international environment

A multitude of activities with serious training brand new and high quality equipment


the Club​

Since 2009, Club Samedis Malins has been offering sports, arts and crafts activities to elementary school children, and sports activities to teenagers and adults in order to develop their physical and mental capacities.

Individual and team sports, games and mini-tournaments are held so that all club members may have a chance to succeed and feel included. The more athletic among us are coached and pushed to greatly increase their skills, but our instructors are always careful to strike the right balance and to adapt to each child’s individual development.

All in a friendly, coed and non-competitive spirit!
It’s a recipe for happiness, don’t you think?



Our mission is to facilitate the motor, social and emotional development of children and teenagers by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge and behavior to help them succeed in their interactions with their friends, their life at school and at home, while being mindful of the progress in their studies.



We strongly believe that developing, promoting and supporting sports activities allow children to grow up in a caring and safe environment.

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